Why investing in Real Estates ?

Author: Constantin Gersing There are plenty of possibilities to spend your money. If you like to enjoy your life you can spend your money on technology, cars and holidays. Meanwhile the rest of your money is chilling on the bank account it even increases because of interest rates or building loan agreements. Wow! So why of all things should you invest in real estate? The … Continue reading Why investing in Real Estates ?

The upgrading society

Offer and demand – the key elements of our global economy. Every year there are produced thousands of new technological products and each company tries to convince the customer, that their product is the best. Just recently, Wednesday 20th of February, Xiaomi and Samsung, two of the world’s top leading smartphone companies presented their new high end phones, the Xiaomi Mi 9 and the Samsung … Continue reading The upgrading society

The unknown drugs of society

When someone hears the word drugs, he or she will probably immediately think about stuff like heroin, cocaine, weed, crystal meth. Additionally they will have a negative image attached to this word. For example a news report of drug dealing or addiction. However besides these illicit drugs, there are also objects or substances of addiction, which are socially accepted, like alcohol or cigaretts. Although they … Continue reading The unknown drugs of society