Jazz – The history of a lifestyle

What we play is life” is a famous quote of jazz legend Louis Armstrong and says, that this music is more than just a simple genre, it’s a lifestyle. Freedom, detachment of norms, fun and spontaneity are thereby the key elements. The rhythm is sometimes very frisky and totally different from classical genres. That’s why many jazz musicians say, you have to feel it to … Continue reading Jazz – The history of a lifestyle

The origins & basics of House

House – originated in the early 1980s in the afro American clubs of Chicago is nowadays besides techno one of the most popular type of EDM (electronical dance music). It’s often played in night clubs and includes many sub genres, like deep, future, electro and tropical house. Worldwide famous producers are for example Avicii, Daft Punk, Calvin Harris and Armin van Buuren. Obviously it developed … Continue reading The origins & basics of House

Why investing in Real Estates ?

Author: Constantin Gersing There are plenty of possibilities to spend your money. If you like to enjoy your life you can spend your money on technology, cars and holidays. Meanwhile the rest of your money is chilling on the bank account it even increases because of interest rates or building loan agreements. Wow! So why of all things should you invest in real estate? The … Continue reading Why investing in Real Estates ?

A brief history of music

Music plays a huge role in modern society. Through the internet almost anybody has access to lots of music nowadays. We use it to relax, overcome emotions or just for entertainment. It’s scientifically proven, that music can influence our behaviour. A concrete example therefore would be movies, which create tension, affection or other feelings just with some background music. So where does music even come … Continue reading A brief history of music

Blockchain basics anyone should know

You have probably heard of Bitcoin, the digital currency, which had this immense hype on the financial market especially in December of 2017 with a maximum of over 19.000 USD per Bitcoin. Besides this however many people don’t know much about this topic. What makes these digital currencies so special, is the technology they’re based on, the so called Blockchain. In this article I’m going … Continue reading Blockchain basics anyone should know

The upgrading society

Offer and demand – the key elements of our global economy. Every year there are produced thousands of new technological products and each company tries to convince the customer, that their product is the best. Just recently, Wednesday 20th of February, Xiaomi and Samsung, two of the world’s top leading smartphone companies presented their new high end phones, the Xiaomi Mi 9 and the Samsung … Continue reading The upgrading society